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This year’s Splendour is already going straight to the pool room. 

Bloody legends Peking Duk went and got bloody Stephen Curry, better known as Dale Kerrigan from Australian classic ‘The Castle‘ to introduce their SITG2017 set. 

Check out his giant blonde head appearing projected onto the back of the stage as he solemnly tells the crowd:

“Apart from Peter Andre this is my favourite band. How’s the serenity here at Splendour?

“The Peking Duk boys are side of stage ready to get giddy so make some noise!

“Give it up for Peking motherfucking Duk!”

Believe it or not, the crowd – they do. They give it up. 

HOW’S THE SERENITY. @pekingduk tapped Stephen Curry aka Dale from ‘The Castle’ to into their #SITG2017 set. ?? STRAIGHT ??TO ??THE ??POOL ?? ROOM ??

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How’s the serenity, indeed.