Peking Duk Somehow Topped Their Karl Stefanovic Intro… With The Hoff

Peking Duk are masters of sourcing fellow larrikins to intro their sets – remember Karl Stefanovic appearing on screen at Stereo / Field Day to announce that “we’re gonna get Peking Duk-ed“? 

Anyone who caught their Splendour set MAY have noticed a certain David Hasselhoff – codename: The Hoff – intro their set, and MAAAAY have noticed the crowd losing their fucking shit, shortly before a string quartet played the opening notes to ‘High‘ and all chill was officially gone for good.

Peking Duk just released it as a promo to sell ‘Say My Name‘ on iTunes, and CHECK IT:

Peking Hoff

holy hell David Hasselhoff just joined peking dukCOP IT:

Posted by Peking Duk on Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Our memories are telling us it’s 100% the same from Splendour, but then… Splendour… so, yeah. Fairly large error margin there.

BTW here’s when they first teased us with the potential Karl Stefanovic follow up, who, to be fair, is a preeeetty hard person to top: