Relive The Magic Of Peking Duk’s Splendour Set With Their Hype BTS Vid

If you thought it couldn’t get better than that time they got Dale bloody Kerrigan to intro their Splendour set, then you must be new to Peking Duk.

The electronic duo have been hailed as one of the best sets of Splendour 2017, and now they’ve released an official behind-the-scenes video titled ‘Road To Splendour‘, going deep into the making of that one outstanding set.

Featuring interviews from the boys themselves and a bunch of their guest stars and musicians, the six-minute clip shows the massive preparation that went into taking the set from a two-DJ set-up to a full-blown, instrumented live production.

As they say, this show is just the beginning. Check it out, and get pumped for what’s coming next.