We Reviewed 5 Mouthgasmic Syd Burgers To Gobble Down If You CBF Cooking

How fkn great are burgers? (Please don’t answer out loud; this is a rhetorical question purely in a quest for strong editorial emphasis, you and I both know that they’re pretty fkn great.)
Today on the PEDESTRIAN.TV Snapchat, we took to the streets of Sydney to taste and rate five different burgers, with the colourful visual 24-hour retrospect that only Snapchat can deliver. 
Here’s those five  for ya to eyegasm over:
1. The ‘Rush’ burger from Rush Hotdogs & Burgers. $9.80. 3.5/5 stars. 

Get it at: Rush Burgers & Hotdogs, 240 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills.
2. The ‘Field of Dreams’ burger from Grill’d (World Square). $11.50. 3/5 stars.  
Get it at: Grill’dWorld Square Shopping Centre, 58/680 George St, Sydney.

3. ‘The Aussie’ burger at Burger Project (World Square). $10.90. 4/5 stars. 
Get it atBurger ProjectWorld Square Shopping Centre, 644 George St, Sydney.
4. The ‘Parma’ burger from Lord Of The Fries (George Street). $8.95. 3/5 stars. 
Get it at: Lord Of The Fries, 537 George St, Sydney.
5. The ‘Black Zinger’ from KFC (George Street). $7.45. 3.5/5 stars.
Get it at: KFC, 450 George St, Sydney.
Well, there you go pals. Just a snippet of flavour, but definitely enough to last you a lil’ while. 
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