This Joint Has A Burger For Every Sydney Suburb And, Dear Parramatta, Get In My Fkn Belly

burgers named after sydney suburbs

A Sydney burger joint has named all of its burgers after the Greater Sydney suburbs, which is great for us hungry for travel and culture. 

Suburgia is a new burger place in Redfern that offers a range of burgers named and inspired by Sydney suburbs.

The good news? They do takeaway. The bad news? If you don’t live in the inner-city, you’ll most likely miss out on the chance to film 80 burgs in 80 days until this lockdown is over. Anyway, let’s get into it.

Ironically, the burger for Guildford, a suburb with a 33.5% Muslim population, according to 2016 Census data, comes with bacon. That major burger slip-up aside, I promise a majority of the other greasy sandos suit their names.

Beachside burbs Botany and Cronulla burgers come with battered fish and tartare sauce.

  • Cronulla: battered fish, lettuce, cheese, and tartare.
  • Botany: battered fish, cheese, tartare sauce, pickles, crispy fries, green tomato, and jalapeño relish.

Suburgia’s take on Sydney’s hipster and alternative capital, Newtown, is naturally vegan. Think of a hotdog full of veggie sausage, cheese, fried onion, jalapeño, relish, and cheese sauce.

And, if you’re a big fan of meat on meat, you won’t say no to Suburgia’s Parramatta and Fairfield Heights burgs:

  • Parramatta: 2 x 100% beef patties, double bacon, double cheese, jalapenos, tomato sauce, mustard, pickles, and burger sauce.
  • Fairfield Heights: 2 x 100% beef patties, liquid cheese, double bacon, double cheese, tomato, aioli, lettuce, and burger sauce.

Over the weekend, they revealed a smashing plant-based Hornsby burger that’s making me feel extra horn-gry. A brioche bun served with a vegan beef patty, a vegan fried chicken patty, double vegan cheese, chipotle salsa, lettuce, tomato, pickles, jalapeños, pineapple, and grilled onion.

Call my local GP because my cholesterol levels are peaking at that description alone.

I’ll be frank, this was first tipped to me after I saw a TikTok about it on my FYP. TikTok really put the “For You” in For You Page when the first burger showed was literally named after my suburb.

Interestingly, the video also includes some burgers that aren’t listed on the menu on Suburgia’s website. Namely, a secret larger vegan menu with burgers named after Tempe, Illawong, Ultimo, and more.


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You can check out the full Suburgia menu for yourself here. Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be stuffing my face with these burb burgs and KFC’s pizza doubles, followed by a focaccia charcuterie spread.