While you were pouring your instant coffee this morning, because pay day is still a week away and you can’t afford your usual almond cap – US vlogger and beauty mogul Jeffree Star was… slicing a Chanel Boy bag, arguably the most coveted bag in the world rn, in half with a hot knife. For no reason. 
Well, not for a reason that is NORMAL. See, there’s a trend going ’round the YouTube world atm involving people cutting stuff with a red-hot knife. Which normally we would be all about – mmm, weird satisfied feeling – but NOT when it’s a $7000+ bag we’ve coveted for over a year, OK? 

The bag literally ends up on fire, which tbh is kind of enjoyable/fascinating but not enough to make this whole thing OK. YOU WENT TOO FAR, JEFFREE. 
Goodbye, Chanel Boy bag. We hope you went to a beautiful place.
Source and photo: YouTube / Jeffree Star.