Chanel “Regrets” Offence Caused By Its Culturally Oblivious $2K Boomerang

Even the most ardent fashion aficionados among us have to recognise that brands can sometimes go a lil’ OTT. That’s just ace the vast majority of the time, and designers are rewarded for pushing into the avant-garde. 

Some items almost defy explanation, though. Items like that $1,930 Chanel-branded boomerang. And the lauded French fashion house has now issued a statement regarding that v. spenno oddity.

Having so much fun with my new #Chanel boomerang ??

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In response to a PEDESTRIAN.TV article which cites critics who claim the boomerang appropriates Indigenous Australian culture, Chanel says it is “extremely committed to respecting all cultures, and regrets that some may have felt offended.”

Despite that statement, the boomerang is still visible on Chanel’s website.
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However, Chanel has confirmed to PEDESTRIAN.TV that the boomerang will not be available in Australian boutiques when the remainder of the collection hits stores in January.
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Photo: Jeffree Starr / Instagram.