This is both utterly miraculous and the stuff of nightmares.

A 14-year-old girl managed to escape serious injury after she somehow fell from a ride at a US theme park.

The teen was riding on the ‘Sky Ridechairlift attraction at the Six Flags Great Escape park in Queensbury, New York when she somehow slipped out of her seat, dangling precariously some 20-feet (a little over 6 metres) off the ground.

Footage taken by witnesses to the scene shows the young girl’s body suspended by her neck as it became wedged under the chairlift gondola’s safety bar.

Rather than wait for park officials or rescue services, park attendees then gathered under the site of the car and prepared to catch her as she fell; one person even climbed a nearby tree to hold back branches that might’ve altered any potential fall path.

Somehow, call it a miracle, the group successfully caught the 14-year-old, and she was taken to hospital with no major injuries. The footage of the incident is truly nuts.

There’s so much that could’ve wrong there. That she escaped with minor injuries is absolutely mind-boggling.

The park has temporarily closed the ride while they investigate the incident; as of yet, there is no official reason as to how exactly the rider came loose from the otherwise placid ride.

Source: Uproxx.