Disney Theme Park Not Allowed To Say “Marvel” ’Cos Universal Saw It First

This is a bit of a giggle. Parts of Disney California’s Adventure Park is possibly facing the wrecking ball next year because apparently getting rid of the Hollywood Tower ride wasn’t enough so now several old toddler rides are getting the boot. Replacing them will be superhero themed rides.

By superheroes we’re talking Marvel babes so Iron Man, Hulk, and Spider-Man and or maybe even a possible Captain America ride.

Sounds fab? Yeah, cool but the only thing is you can’t call this new Anaheim theme park anything with the word “Marvel” in it.

Contracts, that’s why.

Back in 2009, Disney sunk Mickey’s claws into Marvel Entertainment and bought it out. But alas it seems that like all keen shoppers they didn’t screen the fine print properly and missed the part in the contract that outlined Marvel’s previous contract with none other than Universal Studios. That or they didn’t expect Marvel to take over the world.

As reported by The Los Angeles Times, this deal was shook on back in 1994 and allowed Universal to use a bunch of Marvel’s superheroes in their gigantic theme parks. For example, there’s already a spidey-man ride at Universal studios so this is awkward. It’s literally called The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man so there’s no escaping that one.

That 1994 contract also specifies how no other theme park can use “Marvel” in marketing or as  the name of an attraction. Which means Adventure Park is not evolving into Marvel Park.

So, what does this mean?

Disney has an excellent opportunity to troll Universal Studios by opening up Marvelous Park. 

Although, according to The LA Times, the new expansion is still going forward and will be based mostly around the existing Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout ride. Otherwise known as the former Hollywood Tower ride.

So, I Am Groot Park is totally in the works.

Also, I hope you all got to experience A Bug’s Land ‘cos some, if not all of its remains will also be swept under the rug. Going with it will also be a portion of the employee parking lot.