ICYMI, footage of a panda enjoying the shit out of the East Coast of America‘s monster snowfall has gone absolutely bonkers viral. It was posted by Washington‘s National Zoo (where 45.2cm fell overnight) to Twitter, and has already clocked up over 173k retweets at the time of writing.

In the spirit of those skull-bashing ‘This is’ memes currently flooding your Facebook feed:

This is Tian Tian.

Tian Tian sees the snowfall, and decides to carpe diem that shit.

Tian Tian is smart.

Be like Tian Tian.

“Giant pandas have thick woolly fur coats, perfect for keeping them warm even when rolling in snow, like Tian Tian,” the zoo said in another tweet, alleviating fears that this panda was having anything other than the greatest of times during Storm Jonas.

Such was the quick-fire spread of this clip that in less than 24 hours, an actual person donned an actual panda suit and did his/her best Tian Tian parody.

To be honest, he/she ain’t bad. 

Source / Photo: National Zoo.