WATCH: This Aussie Bloke Ate His Daughter’s Placenta For ‘Bulk Natty Gains’

*inhales extremely slowly*
*exhales extremely slowly*
Alllllllrighty then. Where to begin, I wonder? I’ll start at the very beginning, I suppose: a horrifying place to start. 
An Aussie bodybuilder has decided to eat the placenta he kept from his daughter’s birth, as a way to make bulk ‘natty gains’. (‘Natty’ = natural, IYWW.)
Uh huh. 
The father, Arron Curtis, posted a video to Youtube of him discussing, preparing, and eating the afterbirth. 
He says, 
“With the birth of my first child, I thought I would consume the organ that provided her with life during the pregnancy, in the hope of making some gains.”
The video opens with this bizarrely-thought-out statement:
Hmmm… what better way, you say? Well, most people go straight for ‘loving and caring for their new child’, as opposed to ‘cannibalistically eating the baby’s life source’. But hey, maybe that’s just us. 
A friend quizzes him on how it tastes, after he’s cooked the afterbirth on a grill. 
He tells them it tastes a bit like liver (a pretty common analogy), and starts to become concerned about whether he’s cooked it enough. 
After he hits a ‘salty bit’, his partner Erica steps in and tells him she’s putting her foot down, and he has to stop. A big well done to Erica, whose help we would’ve appreciated approximately an hour before he’d begun filming.
Pinky-swear you’re gonna be okay? Alright, click play:

Look, let’s be clear here. 
Eating the placenta is incredibly nutrient-rich and health-boosting for new mothers, especially if they’re breastfeeding or if they’re struggling with postpartum depression. It’s super common in certain cultures, and it’s actually pretty amazing. It’s natural, and hey; your body, your choice!
What’s ever-so-slightly less natural is dudes eating it for ‘bulk gains’ so they get more likes on Instagram photos tagged #gymlife #shredz #swole, ay bruh. But hey – welcome to 2016.
Source: Youtube.