WATCH: ‘The Weekly’ Goes At Pro-Plebiscite Logic With Exactly Zero Mercy

It’s clear by now Australia doesn’t need to look far to find some pretty bloody incisive attacks on conservative ideologies relating to the Safe Schools program, same-sex marriage, and every single aspect of life that doesn’t reflect perfectly straight existence. 

In fact, the recent cultural backlash has permeated almost every level of politics and culture, and it’s nearly impossible to tie the bilious mass of anger into one neat, little package. 
Fortunately, Charlie Pickering is a neat little package is more adept than most at stuffing directionless rage into six-and-a-half minutes of smackdown. Tonight’s segment on The Weekly was essentially a drive-by, rattling off shots at nearly every errant pollie in recent memory. 

But lo, the $160 million elephant in ‘Straya’s room emerged again, and Pickering offers some succinct thoughts on the proposed same-sex marriage plebiscite. Spoiler: it’ll be a waste of time for literally everyone involved. 

Peep that dank Little Mermaid reference, too. Watch: 

Photo: Youtube.