WATCH: ‘The Weekly’ Takes The Piss Out Of Coopers With ‘Keeping It Heavy’

Christ that Bible Society and Coopers ‘Keeping It Light’ junk never seemed to end did it? 
First we got the video of those very polite, very Liberal MPs discussing whether or not certain people deserve human rights. Then we got the boycott of Coopers, which was all set to release tie-in, extra-Christian beer and we were (apparently incorrectly) told sponsored the vid.
Then, after a whole lot of yelling between the three groups and Twitter, Coopers cut ties with the Bible Society, announced their support for marriage equality and cancelled the beers, and the whole, ugly mess was seemingly done with.
Now, as we pick through the rubbish to make sense of all this nonsense, the good folk at ‘The Weekly‘ have stolen a certain group’s debating format for a much boozier debate over the uh first debate in “Keeping It Heavy“.
Moderated by Justin Hamilton, because everyone here reckons I look a little bit like the guy in the original video, and Tony Martin and Andrew Denton weren’t available, the much more natural, properly drunk chat sees Charlie Pickering and Second BananaTom Gleeson square off over whether the debate was a terrible idea or not [spoiler: it was].
Highlights of the video include an increasingly pissed-off Tom Gleeson, a ripper cover of ‘Shine A Light,’ and Pickering becoming the exact same drunken smart-arse we’ve all been at some point.
Because let’s be honest: you’ve probably had this exact chat with someone over the last week:
“Charlie: I just don’t think we should have elected officials promoting beer companies.

“Tom: That’s bullshit, Coopers said they didn’t sponsor the video, they were just providing support.

“C: Yeah yeah, financial support… to the Liberal party.

“T: Oh fuck off!

“C: Fuck you!”
We also get to see Pickering take a cheeky piss in the bushes and Gleeson do a golden impression of the host, complete with the necessary “blah blah blah I’m Charlie Pickering blah blah blah marriage equality”. It’s great, trust me.
Pickering’s whole segment on the issue is definitely worth a watch, but you can jump to the 3:52 mark below for the debate.
The moral of the video? More alcohol = better debate, end of story.

Source and photo: The Weekly.