WATCH: Snapchat Goes Wild For Mystery Meet-Up ‘Cos Love Is Real, Damnit

Against all the odds, the greatest love story Snapchat has ever seen involves exactly zero eggplant emojis. 

We know this because the epic (well, 4-minute-long) saga of the University Of Wisconsin Madison’s Viking Fan and Mystery Girl has escaped the confines of that frigid US state and burst onto YouTube, where the entirety of this lovelorn planet can now live vicariously through this b-e-a-utiful duo.

While this social media telenovela contains all the context you really need, we still think it’s necessary to set the scene, so we can all appreciate the gravity of this serendipitous miracle:

Human A, Vikings Fan, posted a Snap on the campus’ Story on Friday. Human B, Mystery Girl, was overcome with emotion at his chiseled visage and annoyingly nice hair. She posted a Snap of her own, asking him to find her. 

Of course, this gutsy admission garnered the support of the entire campus (and SnapChat), who were unified in one goal: attaining tertiary education making sure these two met because goddamnit they just had to. 


Feel free to compare your lovelife to this wondrous bullshit below. Shout-outs to the thirsty dudes hijacking the Story, too; not all of us can get away impromptu public admissions of love:

Source: The Tab. 
Photo: YouTube.