WATCH: Skittles Did A Deeply Cooked Mother’s Day Ad & We Are Gagging

I honestly could not tell you why Skittles would be doing an ad for Mother’s Day. I don’t think a single person in the world thinks “Oh shit, Mother’s Day is coming up, I need to buy some Skittles.” On top of that, if they were going to make an ad, I have no idea why they would decide to make it the grossest thing possible. But it doesn’t matter if I understand it or not. They’ve done it.
For reasons we may not know, the sickos at Skittles imagined a hideous universe where Mac from Always Sunny‘s mum is connected umbilically to an odd-looking adult son, with whom she enjoys sharing the digestion of Skittles. That they decided to make it and share it with the world is either a testament to how much the Skittles corporation enjoys nurturing creative voices or a testament to how much coke people still do in the advertising world.
I guess the ad is successful in terms of we are sharing it but, I mean, we all already knew that Skittles existed and I don’t think this is going to make anyone rush out to buy them for their mum. Who knows though, there are a lot of weird people in the world.
Please watch this filth:
Source and photo: YouTube.