Folks Thought There Was An Upside-Down Rainbow Over Bondi And, Just, Wow?

upside-down rainbow over Bondi
Contributor: Sean Dillon

Look, it might be a stretch for most of us to remember the science lesson we had in primary school where we learnt how rainbows form. Regardless of whether the nitty gritty actually stuck with us through the years, it should be glaringly obvious that you should seriously call into question an upside array of light and colour if it appeared before your very eyes. But here we are, writing about people who legit believed there was an upside-down rainbow over Bondi.

Upside-down rainbows actually exist, so the fact people fell for it kinda makes sense.

“A circumzenithal arc is an optical effect which looks like an upside-down rainbow,” says the Met Office.

“They are formed when sunlight refracts through horizontal ice crystals at such an angle that the light enters the crystal through its flat top face and exits through a side prism face causing the distinctive upside-down rainbow effect.”

But on the off chance the penny hasn’t quite dropped yet, today is April Fools. As in, the day where the gullible are prayed upon by the sensible for the amusement of the masses. The ‘sensible’ party in this instance is known-rainbow-lovers, Skittles.

To kick things off, they created doctored images of this upside-down rainbow over Bondi Beach.

They then linked up with a couple of influencers to post the pics this morning.

As you can see in that last ‘Gram, @mybondisummer went a step further and actually tagged in Weatherzone for an explanation – copping a reply from the cloud-appreciating crew to further the hoax’s believability.

The end result? These hilarious comments made by people who are probably facepalming themselves so goddamn hard right now over thinking there was an upside-down rainbow over Bondi.

Oh, April Fools. Thank you for shining a spotlight on the potatoes that walk amongst us.