WATCH: Selina Meyer Goes Full-Leslie Knope In The ‘Veep’ Season 6 Trailer

A whole bloody lot has changed since ‘Veep‘ last aired on June 26th of last year. Big changes. And in ways that affect the world the show lovingly sits in, no less.

So while the creators of the seriously great HBO show have suddenly had to deal with a whole bunch of questions that inevitably arise when you’re running a politically satirical comedy series thrust into Trump’s America, it would appear that any doubts are now quelled.
The show is gearing up to launch its sixth glorious season in April, and the premium cable gang have bestowed upon us all this short little look at the season to come.

(Spoilers comin’, obviously).
After her electoral college tie and subsequent senatorial vote defeat, season six tracks now-former President Selina Meyer as she attempts to navigate the world of being a former-POTUS, while going back to the grassroots in order to re-gather her Washington clout.
Of note is the fact that Meyer is coming all-guns-blazing for that lanky rat fuck Jonah Ryan who appears to be free of the testicular cancer diagnosis he copped at the end of season five.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has scored 5 consecutive Emmy Awards for her role as Meyer, and if that short little taste is anything to go by she’d better start clearing shelf space for a sixth.
Veep‘ Season 6 hits screens from April 16th.

Source: HBO/YouTube.