Julia Louis-Dreyfus Saddles Up One Last Time In The Trailer For ‘Veep’ S7

All good things must come to an end, and so the final season of Veep is approaching faster than any primary vote.

The seventh and final season of the critically acclaimed HBO series is scheduled to hit the air come the end of March, and ahead of that the US cable network has this morning unveiled a full trailer.

At the end of season six we learned (spoilers, obvs) that both Selina Meyer and Jonah Ryan were launching Presidential bids, and it would appear that the seventh season is set to follow the combating duo on their respective campaign trails as things comically go from one insane scenario to the next.

It’s exactly as bonkers-looking as you’d expect.


Honestly, a world without Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the star of a current TV sitcom is not a very pleasant-sounding world at all. Immediately convince everyone involved with the show to keep going with it, please and thanks.

Additionally, extremely not into just what in the hell is going on with Jonah’s hair there.

My dude looks like a Madame Tussaud’s first draft of himself.

Either way, the final season of Veep premieres in the US on March 31st. It’ll be broadcast locally on Foxtel’s Fox Showcase channel, as well as via Foxtel’s on-demand services.