WATCH: S6 ‘Veep’ Teaser Shows Selina Dealing W/ Brutal Loss Of POTUS-Hood

First of all – if you haven’t seen season 5 of ‘Veep‘, what are you even doing here and you’re about to hit some heavy spoilers. Soz.
Secondly – the season 6 teaser trailer is here, and Selina Meyers is having some real trouble dealing with the fact that she’s no longer the President of the United States of America. 
Yup, she’s hit her second act – but how does one even deal with heading back into normal life after being POTUS? Well, Barack Obama is on vacay doing water sports with Richard Branson on his private island, but Selina doesn’t seem to be doing that well, by comparison. 
The glass ceiling of the first female POTUS has been shattered… sort of. A glass podium underneath her is like, so totally fine though. 

Source: HBO / Youtube.