WATCH: President Obama Smoothly Responds To Ringing Phone At Presser

No matter which way ya swing on the political compass, there’s no question that Barack Obama is one of the fastest guns in world when it comes to gags at the podium. Whether its Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or – God forbid – Donald Trump at the helm come the end of the  election bloodbath, Americans will miss that.
Today, Obama reacted whip quick to a phone going off during his press conference:
“People look to us for leadership. [phone rings in audience] Somebody’s calling right now, to see if we have the answers to some problem.”

President Obama reacts to a cellphone ringing during his remarks.

Posted by POLITICO on Monday, March 14, 2016

Onya, Barack. We’ll miss ya when President Trump replaces wit with loud blustering about how good his branded tea towels are.

Source: Facebook.
Image: Facebook.