WATCH: President Barack Obama Awkwardly Appears On Cuban Sketch Show

One of Barack Obama’s big foreign policy achievements while in office has been normalising relations with Cuba, neighbouring communist state which has had a frosty relationship with Washington since the beginning of the Cold War. Obama is heading to the country as we speak for a historic meeting with leader Raul Castro.

Apparently, the terms of this historic meeting of one time enemies means that Obama… appeared on a Cuban sketch show? For some reason?

Pánfilo conversa con el Presidente Obama

¡Adivina con quién conversó Luis Silva Pánfilo! #ObamaenCuba

Posted by Embajada de Estados Unidos en Cuba on Saturday, March 19, 2016

So this is Cuban comedian Luis Silva‘s show. He has a character named Pánfilo, who loves Obama and always wants him to visit. So Obama appears here in split-screen form with a video that he clearly filmed when he had a minute to spare. And yeah, he doesn’t seem very into it and the humour dooooesn’t really translate.
Regardless, Silva’s show is watched by literally two thirds of the Cuban population. So there’s that.
Source: Vulture.
Image: Facebook.