Obama Opens Up About Politics And Hardships As HONY Visits The White House

The man behind the heartwarming portraiture clogging your newsfeed du jour, Brandon Stanton, has gone beyond ~truly making it~ (he already had), by taking his candid interviewing and stunning photography to the White House.

POTUS was your human of New York/Washington DC today, as Stanton was invited to the Oval Office along with two of his most recent and infamous interview subjects: a young Brooklyn student Vidal Chastanet and his school principal, Nadia Lopez

ICYMI, HONY interviewed Chastanet just over two weeks ago, with one of the most touching responses the site has ever seen. It was not fair on your spirit nor your tear glands, but it was beautiful:

Since then, an outpour of interest into Chastanet’s school, Mott Hall Bridges Academy was sparked, leading Stanton to lead a fundraiser for the school, while also conducting further, in-depth interviews with the school’s students and teachers across the HONY network. At the time of writing, an indiegogo campaign had gained over $1.2 million in support. Furthering that, Stanton, Lopez and Chastanet were all guests on Ellen – you can watch that snippet of pure joy over here.

Now, barely two weeks after the intial interview, HONY has met POTUS, in a series of fascinating interviews with Barack Obama published overnight. Speaking on “the first time [he] felt most broken” (who the hell has the ballz to ask Obama that? Kudos), Obama details his failed run for congress in 1999. A later question also goes on to ask the US President who his greatest influence in life is – it is, of course, his mother.

HONY, you’ve done it again: keyboard is now soaked from shameless desk-bound tears. :’)

via HONY.
Lead image by Nicholas Kamm via Getty Images.