WATCH: Nollsie Helps A Fan Neck A Shoey ‘Cos He’s The Hero ‘Straya Deserves

Shannon Noll. Mate. Cobb. Listen.
Never change. 
After a wild six months that’s seen him kicked out of the Crazy Horsearrested for allegedly assaulting someone outside the Crazy Horseacquitted from all charges relating to the Crazy Horse, and soundly piss-taken for supposedly yelling “I’m Shannon Noll, let me back into the Crazy Horse“, Shazza’s back on the radar with this astoundingly zeitgeist-y Instagram video. 

Oi Nollsie u mad dog #shoeyforshanno #cooked @nollsie @browncardigan @themadhueys

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Look at that. It’s got everything. He’s shirtless. He’s helping someone neck a shoey. He’s sticking his fucken tongue out.
Most importantly, he’s crowing “A shoey for Shanno“. Put that on your throw pillows, Australia. And get Guy Sebastian‘s songwriting team onto this. We need a new national anthem, stat. 
Source: Instagram / @sophieetalbot.