WATCH: Melb’s Montague St Bridge Honoured In Song For Endless War On Trucks

Forget the coathanger. Montague Street Bridge is pretty handily becoming Australia’s most controversial piece of civil engineering, due to the fact its siren-song is still calling a seemingly endless stream of heavy vehicles to their doom. 

To recap, in the past month, a public bus and two trucks have had their tops fucked up after trying to limbo under the admittedly stout bridge in South Melbourne. Those trucks add to a tally of 101 maimed vehicles since 2009 – a deathcount that’s bound to keep climbing. 

There’s even a site dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on this entire deal, because God knows it’s vital stay in the know:

In honour of that particularly malicious span of steel and concrete, YouTuber David Cosma has cooked up a jaunty lil’ ditty, asking the age old question: is it too low?

Well, in all honesty, probably. But, the tune also points out it’s been there for-fucking-ever, so we don’t really have an excuse any more. The bridge doesn’t know any better, so we should just accomodate its special needs. 

Get your tops off below:

Source and photo: David Cosma / YouTube.