Watch Lou Reed’s Last Ever Interview

Tributes have flowed in immeasurably since Lou Reed‘s death just under two weeks ago, cementing his legacy and inspiration as an all-eclipsing, generation defying imprint on the music industry. Today, Rolling Stone have released “Lou Reed’s Last Words”, the final interview the 71 year old gave — as told to director Farida Khelfa on September 21 this year in New York.

Profound, eloquent and passionate as ever, Lou Reed waxes lyrical about the importance of music in his life by saying, “I am very emotionally effected by sound…my life is music”. Confessing that he would sleep with his guitar and amp in his bed and revealing his laissez-faire approach to playing music (“I don’t practice, I don’t play everyday, I’ve never gone to school. I play from the heart,”), Lou Reed provided sage advice that speaks volumes about his commitment to his craft: “You do what you love, or you get arrested.” 

Watch Lou Reed’s final interview below.

Via Rolling Stone.
Title image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty.