Lou Reed Dies Aged 71

Unfortunate news to wake up to this morning as rock legend Lewis Allan “Lou” Reed has died in New York overnight.

The iconic singer-songwriter, a seminal figure in the punk movement and singer of The Velvet Underground died due to complications related to a liver transplant from April this year.

Andrew Wylie, Reed’s literary agent confirmed that the artist’s health had deteriorated in the past months, telling the New York Times, “He was as great an artist as it’s possible to be in my opinion.”

Reed’s legacy and influence permeated the music industry throughout the 60’s and 70’s and will undoubtedly live on. Reed once told journalist Kristine McKenna, “I’ve always believed that there’s an amazing number of things you can do
through a rock ‘n’ roll song, and that you can do serious writing in a rock song if
you can somehow do it without losing the beat. The things I’ve written
about wouldn’t be considered a big deal if they appeared in a book or

Reed’s doctor, Dr Charles Miller described Lou Reed’s last moments, “He died peacefully, with his loved ones around him.”

Rest in peace, Lou Reed. As Reed once said, poking fun at the idea a musician needed qualifications to write lyrics, “I have a B.A. in dope. And a Ph.D. in soul.”

Playing Velvet Underground and this on repeat all day.

Title image by Brendon Thorne via Getty.