WATCH: Lil’ Snake Bub Takes Cute 1st Breath, Conflicts Our Emotions

When an Adelaide woman discovered the underside of her fridge was a touch more… ‘slithery’ than usual earlier this month (read: she had the ‘good fortune’ of uncovering a mama snake preggo with a slew of unborn bubs), reactions were, shall we say, polarised.

Perhaps that’s to be expected, but broader Australia’s opinion sat snugly between “she’ll be right, just havin’ a kip under there aye” and “PLEASE EVACUATE THE PLANET”. For the record, our editorial standpoint rested quite snugly between those two extremes, but the phrase “slithering little idiots” made an appearance in our coverage.

That Eastern Brown Snake and her eggs were safely removed from the kitchen, and were presumably housed some place far, far away from us. Still, if you were wondering what it looks like when similar snake sprogs pop, the Australian Reptile Park has released footage of a baby King Brown Snake taking its first, yawning gasps. 

Feel free to decide how exactly this footage affects you, and whether you think it’s cute, or if it elicits some full-blown body horror. We’re coming to terms with it all ourselves. 

Nature. What a thing.

Source: The Australian / Twitter. 
Photo: Twitter.