A SA Music Fest Was Put On Pause After A Hiss Puppy Turned The Mosh Into A Snake Pit

An Adelaide music festival was abruptly paused over the weekend because a snake snuck into the mosh pit without paying for a ticket.

Folks were vibing to The Superjesus’s performance at the Under The Southern Stars music festival on Saturday when the slippery snoodle was spotted in the crowd. 

The band’s lead singer and guitarist Sarah McLeod shared a photo on their official Facebook page of the snake handler when he tried to catch the runaway danger rope. 

She described the “comical” moment the Steve-Irwin-in-training bloke tried to catch the little bugger.

“The security were all standing around it in a circle to make sure it didn’t hurt anyone while we all waited for the snake handler to come,” she said.

adelaide snake music festival
Credit: Instagram / @me__and__mine

“We were told to hold the show until the snake was gone. Then when the snake saw the snake handler it took off down a hole in the grass.”

McLeod said the snake handler then tried to look everywhere for it. But she and her bandmates thought “fuck it” and resumed playing on stage. 

“God knows where it ended up but I think the sound of Stu Rudd on the bass would’ve sent that thing to a galaxy far far away,” she said.

Rumour has it the hiss puppy was later seen chugging goon sacks of cheap wine behind the stage. 

We need to accept that snakes are people too. Three-metre-long diamond python boys like to browse the spice section at Woolies. Wee baby Pale-headed girlies love to take a dip in a lettuce bag at Aldi.

Then there was the massive Queensland snake wrapped around the base of a toilet. She really said she pisses when she farts and sometimes she sharts. Why? Because snakes are booty rocking cowgirls too.

But it’s honestly just a bit rude of this snake in Adelaide not to pay for a ticket to Under The Southern Stars. Support local artists or GTFO, mate.