WATCH: Jude Law Plays a Bada$$ Yung Pope In Sexually Confusing New Trailer

Notch this one up as a show no one wanted but seems cool anyway: Jude Law playing a badass fre$h yung American pope here to turn the Holy See on it’s damn head.

That’s the premise of The Young Pope, a joint Italian-Spanish-French production which has already premiered in a number of European countries but is now hitting a broader audience thanks to HBO.
The official HBO trailer has dropped and it is absurdly cool for what is essentially a show about the Vatican.
Keep an eye out for the weird scene which appears to show Pope Jude Law kneeling on the road as a bunch of semi-trailers drive towards him – what? Is that an expected part of the role of Pope? Why haven’t I seen this before?
Anyway. This show exists.
Source: YouTube / HBO.
Photo: YouTube.