The Pope Has Again Been Captured Spitting Rhymes & Twitter’s Loving It

Pope Francis has a serious problem: he is physically incapable of being photographed speaking into a mic without looking like he is spitting some of the fiercest rhymes ever put to paper. This is the kind of thing that’ll threaten another Catholic schism – this one more in line with the East Coast / West Coast division.

The original pic went thoroughly viral a couple of years ago, and rightfully:

Now, The Old Pope (who must be referred to by this name to distinguish himself from Jude Law‘s Young Pope) is back, flying a mile high in his plane, as captured by this Reuters pic:

On the whole I prefer this pic, because it looks like it’s at the peak of a rap battle and the Pope’s homeboys have to physically restrain him to stop him from throwing hands. “I didn’t enter the seminary for this shit,” they’re thinking. “I didn’t give my life to Christ to restrain the Pope from murdering a young MC.”

This wonderful video shows it really wasn’t just a freeze frame moment. At least if you speed it up dramatically, that is.

Right on.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Reuters.