The Vatican Are Investigating Why The Pope *Accidentally* Liked A Sexy School Girl Pic On IG

We thought the pope was horny, then apparently it wasn’t him who was horny, so now the Vatican are investigating who actually was horny. Does that make sense?

No? Ok, well basically someone on the Pope Francis Instagram account liked a sexy school girl photo, from 27-year-old Brazilian nude model Natalia Garibotto.

The photo was quickly unliked, but the damage was already done. Everyone on the internet got hold of the evidence, and were unsurprisingly in hysterics about the whole situation.

The only people who didn’t find the situation hilarious, was the Vatican themselves. They are in fact, treating the incident very seriously, a spokesperson told NBC.

“We are studying what happened with the help of the competent office at Instagram,” director of the Vatican Press Matteo Bruni said.

People have been spinning some theories on Twitter about how this could have occurred, my personal favourite is one that speculates a horny intern forgot to log out of the insta.

I’m just imagining it now, some 20-year-old uni student from Italy is scrolling the pope’s feed and comes across this absolutely saucy IG model pic, hits like, goes to bed. Next day, realises his mistake and tries to delete all evidence. Fails spectacularly. Iconic.

Thankfully, Garibotto is getting the clout she deserves. What other woman in this world, can say that they’re so hot that even Pope Francis himself couldn’t keep it in his pants? None, just my home-girl Garibotto.

My girl is milking this for everything it’s got, and shared the cheeky revelation to Twitter with the caption: “At least I’m going to heaven.”

I love this woman.

Since then it seems like Garibotto has found god, and at the end of the day, isn’t that the real goal here?

Pope Francis is so next-level, he is literally bringing people to god by liking sexy IG thot pics of them.

What a legend.