WATCH: John Oliver Goes Ballistic At The Philippines’ Worse Form Of Trump

The Philippines is a crazy, beautiful place. Centuries of colonial interruptions from the Americans, Spanish, and Chinese have melded with the unique cultures spread across thousands of islands to create an identity that’s unique not only to Asia, but to the world. 

Now, it’s a bustling, growing nation with the very real potential to become a serious economic player in the region. It’s truly a beautiful part of the world. And the guy who could be running it within the next 24 hours is a legitimate fucking psycho. 

Rodrigo Duterte is currently the mayor for the city of Davao, but if the result of today’s presidential election swings his way, he could end up head honcho. At this point, it’s worthwhile noting why this mayor made his name: 

Death squads. Actual gangs of lawmen whose brutal anti-crime tactics have built Duterte’s tough persona, and it’s one he’s not keen on dispelling. 

Outside of that, he recently shat all over Australia and threatened to cut diplomatic ties, ’cause our representatives had the gall to call him out for saying he wishes he had been the first to sexually assault a murdered Australian missionary.

There are all factors that John Oliver took into account in his latest take-down. You’ll note how serious the bloke gets, which is odd, ’cause even at his most earnest, he’s still pretty bloody jokey.

Apologies for the teeny vid, but you’ll quickly realise Oliver’s rage is enough to burst through those pixels anyway. Have a look for yourself, and prepare yourself for a new asshole in our general vicinity:

Mabu-hell no. 
Photo: Frederick M. Brown / Getty.