WATCH: Hurricane Irma Forces Extremely Cute Flamingo Evacuation

Hurricane Irma has absolutely smashed Florida and is moving up the west coast with frightening velocity, as seen in this terrifying video of a tree being completely uprooted in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale.

There are countless videos to be found online of the destructive forces of Irma, and the terrible results that are left behind in her wake. But there are also some amazing and heartwarming videos of people helping each other, and also flamingos. That’s right, flamingos. According to some, a group of flamingos is called a ‘flamboyance’ and I am going to assume that it is fact, and use it forever.

An amazing video to come out of the hurricane’s horrific mess is one of a flamboyance of flamingos, being led to safety at the animal theme park Busch Gardens, in Tampa, ahead of Irma’s arrival.

It is not often you see a group of flamingos walking along in single file, but a video released by the theme park shows an amazing sight of a bunch of beautiful long-legged flamingos walking extremely calmly side-by-side.


A statement from the theme park said that the park would be closed for a couple of days, and that “Precautions are in place following the park’s comprehensive weather preparedness plan to ensure the safety of our animals and ambassadors during this time.”

Vets, zoos, and animal boarding houses all across the country have to make sure they have plans in place to move animals in case of an emergency. One of the more famous examples of this also concerned flamingos, when in 1999 Hurricane Floyd forced a zoo in Miami to move their flamingos into a bathroom.

Just incredible. It’s important to have moments of hope and happiness during trying times like this, and everyone must do what you must do to protect these beautiful pink birds of my heart.