Miami Belted By Storm Surge As Hurricane Irma Blasts Florida’s West Coast

Miami residents are capturing the ongoing devastation of Hurricane Irma, after the storm swell breached the seawall and flooded massive portions of the city’s financial district.

Footage posted to Instagram shows the massive volume of water which has engulfed the downtown region, with eyewitnesses describing boats being ripped from their moorings and islands of debris forming in the flooding.

Hurricane Irma made its second landfall in the vicinity of Naples, some 240km west of Miami.

Sustained winds of 185kph have been recorded, resulting in devastation as the storm works its way up Florida’s western coast.

Around 6.5 million residents in Irma’s projected path have been advised to evacuate, and an estimated 127,000 people are taking cover in storm shelters.

It’s thought that was many as 1.3 million people are now without power as a result of the storm.

At least three people have died in car crashes attributed to the Category 4 event.

Hurricane Irma is projected to continue north, battering the remainder of the state. We’ll keep you updated.