IRL Angel Kristen Bell Surprised Harvey Victims With A ‘Frozen’ Performance

Kristen Bell is an angel. Sorry, but it’s true. I know many of you don’t believe in ‘angels’ and ‘pearly white gates’ and ‘fluffy clouds where dead people hang out or something’, but if there ever was proof that religion is real, then Kristen Bell is it. Because she is an angel.

The actress has been stranded in Florida during Hurricane Irma, where she’s doing everything she can to help out during the hurricane.

That includes playing bingo with the oldies…

literally rescuing Josh Gad‘s family

… and recreating her iconic role as Ana from Frozen for a bunch of people bunkering down in shelters as Irma lashes the state.

Footage of Kristen singing her big Frozen number, ‘For The First Time In Forever‘, was uploaded to the Facebook page of a middle school operating as a host shelter.

“So thankful that as we serve our community as a host shelter, we had the amazing Kristen Bell surprise our families!” the uploader wrote. “Thank you so much!”

Moral of the story: if you’re in a crisis, pray you get stuck with Kristen Bell.