WATCH: Donald Trump, 4th Grader, Shoves World Leader For Primo Photo Spot

U.S. President Donald Trump appears to have resorted to physically shoving world leaders out of the way, with the goal of gaining prime position in NATO photographs. Because he doesn’t stick out enough anyway. 

In footage captured at the latest NATO meeting in Brussels, Trump can be seen putting his hand on Montenegran leader Dusko Markovic, before swiping him the heck out of the way. 
While we could leave this one entirely up to the fact Trump is a simple gronk (who the fuck picks on Montenegro? That level of brutish treatment doesn’t even occur in Eurovision), the action becomes even worse with context. 
Montenegro is a new player in NATO, and Markovic is keen to establish his nation’s place in the transnational defence alliance. 

The thing is, Trump has had a longstanding grudge against other smaller NATO nations for apparently not paying up for defence services the U.S. has offered. Trump even lectured the rest of ’em during the summit. Cop their faces:

In need of a shirtfronting, tbh.

Source: The New York Times.
Photo: ABC World News.