Aussie Icon Holly Valance Has Resurfaced In A Cursed Pic With Trump & Honey, WTF Are You Doing?

Aussie icon Holly Valance has sent fans into a tizzy this morning after a photo was posted of the Neighbours star with none other than former US President Donald Trump and Brexit bigwig Nigel Farage.

It goes without saying — the photo depicts an incredibly chaotic mix of people. So why the bloody hell is the queen of our screens Holly Valance breathing the same air as Trump and Farage?

For starters it was especially surprising since Holly Valance (who took her husband’s last name and became Holly Candy) has largely evaded the spotlight since quitting Neighbours.

The image was taken a long way from Ramsay Street at Mar-a-Lago — Trump’s beachside resort in Florida.

Valance’s husband Nick Candy (who happens to be a big shot property investor) was the other slice of bread in the Mar-a-Lago sandwich.

While there’s no conclusive reason for the pic’s existence just yet, Holly posted a rare Tweet last year demanding an end to discrimination against folks who chose not to get vaccinated.

It was captioned “This ain’t Nth Korea. For now,” which is hilarious considering in the background of that photo with Trump is a photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

The tweet may have been an indicator Valance was exploring the right-wing rabbit hole which eventually led her to dinner with Trump and Farrage. Again, just a hypothesis.

The other option could be that her real-estate owning husband was attempting to make one of those deals Trump is famous for.

While we still don’t have a conclusion to our many burning questions, folks on Twitter were wracking their brains to digest the absolute pandemonium in the pic.

As we touched on earlier, there was literally a framed photo of #besties Kim Jong Un and Trump hanging on the wall.

There was also what appears to be a mini replica of a US Presidential lectern (???) where Trump presumably makes mini speeches into that mini microphone.

Trump was also not wearing a tie. Trump was first pictured without a tie after a failed rally in Tulsa Oklahoma when barely anyone rocked up.

Since then it hsa become a symbol of failure for the former US leader so it’s interesting that he chose not to wear one for the pic. Perhaps the dessert was a failure?

Late last year, PEDESTRIAN.TV covered the spicy rumour that our gal would be appearing in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a friend capacity as she’s mates with lead cast member, Dorit Kemsley.

We deffo took that rumour with a large grain of salt, as it was a cheeky little bit of Deuxmoi gossip. However, since then we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for more concrete evidence.

The gossip grind doth never stoppeth.