WATCH: Briggs Just Cleared That ‘Invasion’ Thing Right Up On ‘The Weekly’

Charlie Pickering and Adam Briggs have nailed the “Was Australia invaded?” debate on The Weekly, making pretty short work of the (terrible) arguments people have been making to say that the violent invasion of Australia by Europeans doesn’t count because, well, the people already here weren’t white.
The issue has gotten a lot of attention lately after the Daily Telegraph ran an article (with the hilariously, embarrassingly ironic headline “WHITEWASH”) on how the University of New South Wales was encouraging the use of “invaded” over “discovered” to describe the arrival of European settlers in Australia.
Aside from the fact that it is just straight up the truth, the guidelines are also now 4 years old and not at all enforced, merely acting as a resource staff can use if they want. Despite this, it has still caused an uproar in all of the places that terrible opinions usually appear. 
The video features an audio clip of Kyle Sandilands rather surprisingly admitting that Australia was indeed invaded, before going on to say that it doesn’t matter because “everyone was invaded” and it was “200 years ago”.

As Briggs so handily points out, apparently 200 of whitewashing has somehow erased Australia’s earlier history with white people too – apologies to the Dutch.

Have a wee watch:

The Weekly: Discovery Vs Invasion

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Posted by The Weekly on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Source: The Weekly.