Talking Fart Peter Gleeson Celebrated NAIDOC Week By Calling Briggs An ‘Imbecile’ On Sky News

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To celebrate NAIDOC Week, Sky News host and flapping bin lid Peter Gleeson has called Yorta Yorta rapper Briggs an “idiot”, “imbecile”, and a “polarising figure” who “doesn’t care” about Indigenous communities. Heaven, help this man.

While discussing the debate about whether the Aussie national anthem should be changed on The Front Page this week, Briggs’ stance on it was brought up – referring back to a video produced by The Weekly last year where he says the song “sucks”.

Briggs has apparently been living rent-free in the minds of people at Sky News, because they were quick to bring up his comments when talking about the issue, which has reared its head once again as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the lyrics should be changed from “young and free” to “one and free”.

Without hesitation or seemingly thinking about a single word that vomited out of his gaping face hole, Gleeson went off about Briggs, saying that he just wants to get some attention to further his career as a rapper.

Check this shit out.

“Briggs is an idiot,” Gleeson said.

“The reason Briggs is an idiot is because he’s a polarising figure. He doesn’t care about the anthem. He doesn’t care about the domestic violence problems in Indigenous communities. He doesn’t care about the sexual assault problems in Indigenous communities.

“He just wants to get his name up in lights because he’s Briggs the Rapper, or whoever he is. An absolute imbecile.”

Peter Gleeson, a human Gumby Blockhead, said Briggs doesn’t care about Indigenous issues like domestic violence and sexual assault.


A deeply proud Yorta Yorta man.

I just… what?

May I also remind you that Peter Gleeson is also the brains behind that deeply racist opinion column the Sunday Telegraph printed back in June, in which he said the Black Lives Matter protest was “idiotic”, said Indigenous Australians and Black Americans’ biggest danger are themselves, and quite literally used the n-word.

Briggs has shot a serve right back on his Twitter today, saying Gleeson “still looks like a B-Grade talk show host” and calling the entire Murdoch-owned Aussie network “Aldi FoxNews”.

Oh, and he confirmed he still thinks the national anthem sucks.

Briggs clapped back to the whole shitshow with a pic of him celebrating NAIDOC week – complete with Gucci snow goggles, a bottle of Piper Heidsieck champagne, and in his Bananalands Black Flag shirt.

Game, set, match.