Briggs and his already indispensible rap duo A.B. Original operate in a complex space, and the fact their debut record Reclaim Australia so deftly meshes political activism with straight-up bangers is a goddamn feat. 

Now, the bloke is poised to take his group’s potent mixture of Indigenous perspectives on Australia DayInvasion Day and killer tunes even further, ‘cos his label is chipping in to a full-on Reclaim Australia Day party. 

Briggs’ label Bad Apples and fellow label House of Beige are chucking the event on Sunday January 29, a full three days after January 26 – a date A.B. Original have a few words about.  

The party, which is going down at Melbourne’s inner-city container club Section 8, is tipped to feature DJ appearances from members of the Bad Apples and House of Beige rosters. Think Remi., Hau, Birdz, and you’re on the right track.

It’s gonna kick off from 4pm ’til late. Just like basically everything Briggs has been involved with over the past coupla years, expect it to be ace. If you’re keen, scope out the event here. 

Source: Briggs / Twitter. 
Photo: Briggs / Josh Wayne / Facebook.