WATCH: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Food Comes To Life Thanks To YouTuber W/ Death Wish

Who doesn’t love a hamburger. Who doesn’t love a lettuce.
The hallmark of ‘Bob’s Burgers‘ is the pun work that goes into the show’s many, many burger-related gags; the animated restaurant’s specials blackboard is quickly assuming a place next to ‘The Simpsons‘ in terms of constantly rotating gags.
The show’s already put out a cookbook detailing precisely how to achieve such culinary monstrosities as the ‘Don’t You Four Cheddar-Bout Me‘ burger or the ‘I Know Why the Cajun Bird Sings’ burger.
But thanks to one intrepid legend on YouTube, some of the show’s more outrageous(ly tasty) recipes have been put to the test.
Binging with Babish – who you might recall was the man brave/stilly enough to tackle creations from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘ like the blessed milk steak – has furthered his run of TV-themed recreations by tackling three burgers featured in the series, including one of mythological-like proportions.
The man known as Andrew Rea, who strangely enough has a voice that’s eerily similar to Bob Belcher‘s for whatever it’s worth, manages to slap together remarkably tasty-lookin’ versions of the ‘Baby, You Can Chive My Car‘ burger (complete with little fried pickle wheels on the side that makes it look like a car), the ‘Bet it All on Black Garlic‘ burger (or the ‘Stupid Black Garlic Burger‘ as it’s also known), and the unbelievable mega-monster known as the ‘Meatsiah,’ a vicious creation of meat-in-meat-in-meat-in-meat.
Sweet lord, it’s bloody GLORIOUS.

That chive burger looks absolutely unreal and if you’ll excuse me your boy is off to buy piles of beef and sour cream. My goodness.

Source: Binging with Babish/YouTube.