The Bob’s Burgers Movie Has Plated Up Another Trailer & Like These Buns I Knead To Discuss It

bob's burgers movie trailer
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Crack out the red wine that pairs nicely with the white wine because another trailer for the upcoming Bob’s Burgers movie has come in hot off the grill. Hoo mama slap that between some buns and pop some pickle wheels on there, I’m ready to gobble down this delightful morsel of joy.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is slated to arrive in Aussie cinemas on May 26, but we’ve just been given another sneak peek at the delicious treats in store from the best family this side of the Wonder Wharf.

The trailer gives us a bit more of a taste of what’s to come with the film, like piecing together a succulent meal with the strangest ingredients you’ve been given. There are promises of mystery, meat and mayhem with The Bob’s Burgers Movie and this new trailer certainly delivers on all fronts.

We get another good look at the massive sinkhole that forms out the front of the Belcher’s home and burger joint. There’s the mystery of a “payment” that needs to be made to the bank in a week. You’ve got the juicy meats of whoever Tina’s lusting over this time. And there’s the mayhem of Teddy being anywhere near a source of ignition.

It’s all there, baby, and I can’t wait to park up and watch a feature film length version of a Bob’s Burgers episode.

So butter your buns and put on your “everything is okay” face because we’re gonna be eating well (read: the Between A Broc And A Chard Place special) at the end of next month.

And until then, you can ketchup on all 12 seasons of Bob’s Burgers over on Disney+ so you’re primed and ready to don your finest trash-ion outfit for the Belcher family’s big day. Alright!