Watch Beyoncé Shut Down Mortal Assistant’s Attempt To Improve On Perfection

This right here is the very incarnation of the human food chain: Beyoncé shutting down a snivelling assistant who DARED try to improve on perfection as she walked the red carpet at TIDAL X: 10/20.
One of her loyal assistants – some mere mortal called Sam Goldberg – was mid-way through trying to prevent nip slippage by fixing up Queen Bey‘s dress as she posed for a wall of paps when her boss and leader blew a fucking fuse / sent a spray her way.
Hissing through a smile that translates to ‘DO NOT FUCK WITH MY #FLAWLESS SELF EVER AGAIN, AVERAGE HUMAN’, she can be heard saying: “Stop it”

It’s discreet and terrifying all at once, carrying with it the promise of a severe dressing down when they get home #PrayForSam.
Assistant #10, aka Sam, wastes not even a nanosecond doing what she’s told by scurrying back into place on the social hierarchy the red carpet / contemplating how far off that inevitable shame spiral is.

#Beyonce #TIDALX1020

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The feels of awkwardness are even more visceral in GIF form.

We’ve told you once and we’ll tell you again: YONCÉ IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, BETTER THAN US ALL.
Let Sam be the reminder that we need.
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