WATCH: Ben And Liam’s Rival Radio Roast Is Finally Putting Fans On-Side

Either you listen to commercial radio, or you don’t. And if you don’t, the reason is usually because commercial radio is so odiously up-its-own-arse that listening to it for extended periods makes your ears bleed to the point where you accidentally become racist through blood loss.

(Why, just the other morning my Uber driver was playing KIIS FM – bus strike hazards – and I had to endure Kyle Sandilands saying that if he ever became a dad he’d also become a Muslim, “because then the woman would do all the work ha ha ha.”)

The point is: commercial radio sux, and I will fight almost anyone who says otherwise. Now, Triple J’s Ben and Liam have come out and said much the same thing, but, uh, not quite in those exact same words. 

After Triple M attempted to take the absolute mick out of Triple J by imitating the station’s apparent genre-bending and drug-happy ways, Ben and Liam yesterday decided they’d have to “tune in” to the M’s to see what their deal is.
If you’ve ever been in your uncle’s ute for more than seven minutes, you’d know the J’s impersonation is not entirely inaccurate. 
Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without that helping of self-deprecation at the end, with the mention of Dune Rats’ family-friendly modern classic Scott Green.

FWIW, The Dunies themselves were pretty stoked.

The skuzzy punks weren’t the only ones impressed, either. Fans have taken to Triple J’s Facebook page to voice their approval of the station’s fight-back. More importantly, new fans have done the same.



Look – let’s not beat around the bush. Ben and Liam have been off to a rocky start, with many listeners loyal to Matt and Alex still incensed that anyone could try and fill their shoes (and take their Facebook page). But this lil’ segment might’ve convinced a few of the naysayers.

Source: Triple J / Facebook.
Photo: Triple J.