Triple J’s Ben & Liam Have Been Fooling Commercial Radio Hosts With Prank Calls

Now, don’t get us wrong here: Hosting a major breakfast radio show is a tough gig that involves a hell of a lot of hard work. But there’s still a decent amount of down-time in between on-air segments, and you’ve gotta find ways to amuse yourself. For Triple J morning units Ben & Liam, that’s apparently involved getting stuck into the talkback phone lines on other radio stations.

[jwplayer GfoHcP6v]

Over the past however many months it’s been, apparently both Ben and Liam have been occupying themselves by calling into commercial radio stations and dropping entirely fake stories about various things.

This morning, Ben & Liam revealed that they’d been dialling up stations like Nova2DAY FM, and Triple M and putting one past some of the country’s more high-profile radio teams.

In a clip aired earlier this morning, Ben & Liam – using their real names and everything – showed up on Kate, Tim & MartyFitzy & Wippa, and even Will & Woody; the latter of which they managed to score a cool $50 off of for posing an un-Googleable question.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has the audio clip exclusively which you can wrap yr listening gear around below.

An absolute fair effort from all concerned. If they managed to snag $8,000 on a Secret Sound that’d been going for six months it’d really be something else.

While that by itself is unquestionably great, we feel we have to point out it pales in comparison to the all-time champion of talkback radio pranks, which involved 2SN presenter Graeme Gilbert and an entire room of lunatics lobbing the recurring answer “India” at him over a period of multiple years.

It’s the King for a reason, folks.