WATCH: Aussie Ledge Goes Boonta Over River Flowing For 1st Time In Years

As Australians, we’re all intimately bloody familiar with drought conditions. It’s in our blood. Our dry, barren blood.

We’re a sunburnt land who can survive on fuck all water, just like the generations before us. It breeds tough-as-nails ocker legends, and makes it all the more special when it does eventually begin pissing down.
And unless you’ve been under a rock, it has been absolutely bloody sheeting with rain over the past couple of days across the north-eastern parts of the country, bringing months worth of rain in a mere matter of hours.
And with drought stricken inland areas finally feeling some relief comes the sheer euphoria of seeing bone dry river beds suddenly spring back to life.
You think you know joy? Wait until you cop a load of this Queensland Police Officer, who captured the moment that the McKinlay River in north-western QLD felt water for the first time in living memory.
A more Australian, died-in-the-wool, true blue, you beaut, full donk running commentary of a weather event there ne’er has been.

McKinlay River flows Flows

The most Aussie commentary you’ll ever hear as a Queensland police officer records the moment the McKinlay River flows for the first time in his life after years of gruelling drought finally broke.EAST COAST ROCKED BY WILD WEATHER:

Posted by The West Australian – on Tuesday, 5 January 2016

If you somehow managed to miss that, how lucky is that bloke?

Source: The West Australian/Facebook.