Well Fuck, 100% Of New South Wales Is Now Suffering From Drought

We already knew it was bad, but the NSW Government’s Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has confirmed the entire state is now suffering through drought.

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All 809,000 square kilometres of NSW are experiencing a severe lack of rainfall, and one quarter of the region is now considered to be under intense drought conditions.

The most recent map provided by the DPI – which still shows some areas as ‘Recovering’ from drought – highlights the extent of the issue.

via Department of Primary Industries

Still, the official breakdown makes things clear.

via Department of Primary Industries

That harrowing news comes amid an extended period of low rainfall in the region, and across large swathes of the continent. Less than 10mm of rainfall was recorded across July in large tracts of the state’s west, northwest, and centre.

Unfortunately, those unseasonably dry conditions are projected to continue in the following months.

“There isn’t a person in the state that isn’t hoping to see some rain for our farmers and regional communities,” NSW Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair said. 

In addition to the NSW Government unveiling some $1 billion in drought assistance packages, the Federal Government has announced $190 million for those in drought-stricken regions.

Earlier, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said more government funds would be made available if conditions do not drastically improve across Australia’s vital farming regions.