WA Swings Toward Palmer United Party, The Greens In Senate Election Do Over

Initial results from that WA Senate Election do-over you toyed with buying a vote in indicate that there has been an overwhelming gravitation toward both the Palmer United Party and The Greens, who have enjoyed 7.51% and 6.7% swings respectively – ensuring that Greens senator and cool youth DJ Scott Ludlam will retain his seat Clive Palmer’s opaque political policies, interests and brazen hijinks will continue unabated in the West.
Projected data from the ABC’s election analyst Antony Green shows the Liberal Party and the ALP have suffered 5.6% and 5% falls respectively, and that “It looks like it’s going to be exactly the same as it was last September.”
The Liberal Party then appears to have secured two seats and Labor only one, with the outcome for the sixth and final seat still unclear. According to the Australian Electoral Commission, it could be a number of weeks before that outcome makes itself known.
Meanwhile, now playing on Scott Ludlam’s iPod: all the cool victory jams.
via SMH
Photo: AFP via Getty