Victoria has continued its incredible turnaround in the fight against COVID-19, recording just ONE new case overnight, and no deaths, as the rolling 14-day average continues to fall.

We’ll say it again, that’s just ONE case. Just months ago, on July 30, Victoria recorded 723 cases, and now it’s back down to single digits. Numero uno. Incredible.

Here’s the official announcement from the DHHS:

Of course, the question on everyone’s minds now is what happens next, and when residents of Melbourne will be able to get back to something approaching normality.

Speaking to the press yesterday, after the announcement of just two new cases, Daniel Andrews said that Victoria is “well placed to take significant steps” out of lockdown.

He will announce the new easing of restrictions on Sunday, however, he has already said:

“Today is a day where we can be optimistic and we can be positive, because we as a state have been as stubborn as this virus in our resolve to beat it, we are well placed to take significant steps on Sunday. It will not be everything that everyone wants because it’s not safe to take all of those steps that were outlined in stage three.”

He continued, telling residents of Victoria:

“[On] Sunday, I very much look forward to giving people a sense of what the coming weeks look like and it’s fair to say, that if these numbers continue, we are very well placed to be broadly in alignment with our foreshadowed stage three.”

Image: Getty Images / Diego Fedele