With Victoria’s daily coronavirus case numbers dwindling and the light at the end of the very long tunnel looming large, the pandemic is still finding ways of throwing up unexpected anomalies. The latest of which involves the one lone new case of COVID-19 recorded in the state yesterday, which is now being treated as a super rare instance of re-infection.

Premier Dan Andrews confirmed in his daily press conference that yesterday’s lone new case came from a man who had previously tested positive to the virus in July.

Medical investigators looking into the renewed positive test have asserted that “there wasn’t enough evidence to say that the positive test presented viral shedding,” according to Andrews. As a result, the case is now being treated as an extremely rare instance of someone re-contracting the virus after previously recovering from it.

“It is through an abundance of caution that we are assuming that is a positive case, rather than the person shedding after the original infection. There have been very few reported cases of reinfection around the world,” Andrews stated a short time ago.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 re-infection are relatively rare on a global scale, however there are documented cases from around the world. A notable case involved a 25-year-old man from Nevada who contracted coronavirus in late March, recovered and returned negative test results in early May, then returned a new positive test in late May after re-developing symptoms. The man’s second stint with the virus was much more severe than the first, and required hospitalisation.

Victoria recorded an additional three new cases of COVID-19 across the past 24 hours. Two of those cases are linked to known community outbreaks, while one other remains under investigation. However it’s strongly believed that that case is a household contact of a prior known case.

The 14-day rolling average in Metro Melbourne has now dropped to 6.2, and is expected to fall dramatically across the weekend if cases hold, due to prior days of 10+ new cases falling outside the 14-day window.

Dan Andrews has stated that Melbourne is now “well poised” to take further steps out of lockdown this coming Sunday.

Image: Getty Images / Daniel Pockett